Covid will not go away, its going to be part of life forever and we have to learn to live with it, whilst from time to time we will see spikes in cases no one has to worry.

A Trafford GP confirmed to us yesterday that whilst we are seeing a slow rise in cases this is normal, we are seeing no one in hospital and no one is dying according to the doctor.

We are though seeing more people wearing masks, using caution when in reality it will do nothing to protect you, unless you had a N95 standard mask on nothing will have worked, you are simply wasting your money.

As we come out of winter and into warmer summer months the chances of getting any flu symptoms are lower, people will of course have hayfever which because of a rise in pollution in Trafford we may have a bad one this year.

Hayfever has the same symptoms as a cold, if untreated it could be more of a fever and you will need to go into a cool environment to rest, do not get mixed up with these symptoms and Covid.


Let’s live with Covid! use common sense when out and about and get on with your life.