An auditor on YouTube is normally one or two guys roaming around a police station or firm hoping for some interaction, if that interaction is a little heated this is great for the auditor since it brings in more subscribers and likes.

The law also is in favour of the auditor since you can film anywhere and anyone on public land which includes a police station! however the interactions with an officer might be jolly at one station, at the other it might be entirely different and things could escalate.

A new type of auditor has come about with PJ Audits and DJ Audits going around businesses just out of interest, they are doing no wrong and these guys are interesting to watch and are worthy of the money they make on YouTube.

They though use the same tactic whenever confronted, they stay on public land although sometimes end up on private land, owners tell them they cannot do any filming however trespass is a civil matter not a criminal one so police cannot do anything, although of course its different on crown property!

Auditing Britain is a lone wolf, an individual who so far has not shown himself on the videos, he goes to more places around the UK than most although so far not been seen in the North of England.

He also uses the ‘Trespass is a civil matter’ to help him escape any police matters, although does get himself into a pickle sometimes, he is often entertaining and has a cheeky attitude which makes it all the more entertaining.

Drones are used often more so with PJ Audits (Peter) and DJ Audits, they use an app to make sure they are not in restricted airspace and have drones under 250g which protects them from any legal issues, this makes the videos even better and often they show the skyline all around them which is very impressive.

Some less known auditors are often just looking to piss people off, come with a lousy attitude and generally not entertaining.

We can see Auditing the way PJ and DJ does things becoming more popular and let’s hope any newbies become as entertaining as they are…just stay on the right side of the law!