About News4Trafford

All images unless stated are copyright, any wording is also copyright to the owner of them words, the name  news4trafford/n4tx are copyright ©


We will not respond to any requests to remove photos that are not our own, we also will not take down any article about an individual that police tell us about,  you have the right to contact us about ‘our’ pictures or content and where possible we will fix this if their is an issue.

News4Trafford is not for profit, and if in the event we make anything, it will go towards this website, to improve things.

Our accuracy rate has been top notch, it is with pride we can say we get the facts not the speculation, and even more pride not being held with a gun to our heads by a crazy editor wanting you to talk utter cobblers just to make up the word count.

Enjoy the website.


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