About News4Trafford and Terms



We will put right any error as soon as possible, including deletion if we feel fit that an article deserves that.

We cannot get it right all of the time.

News4Trafford is a small news service remember that!

Facebook and Twitter trolls will be banned immedietly without contact.

Our service is to provide factual news and sometimes we like to add our own opinion.

News4Trafford respects everybody and will do its best to ensure your experience is a good one.

We like campaigns, getting justice where it is needed and fairness for all.

We are not connected to any third party organisation.

We have only volunteers at N4T and we want more, if you have a disability or just looking to get into the news game then please contact us, we would love a sports reporter.

News4Trafford unlike all the others are in Trafford, we get the news first most of the time and hope you enjoy that experince also.

News4Trafford is for you, helping out where it can and giving the information you want.

And we work bloody hard on a daily basis to bring you this!


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