News4Trafford Terms



From time to time we will get it wrong, if it is proven this is the case we will fix the issue as soon as possible.

Images of people are often from GMP and not our own, where it is our own most often we will leave it blank or may have a name from time to time, any one submitting photos will get a credit if we use it.

We love charity stuff, or helping the community in which we serve, if it helps please contact us and we will publish anything you want for free! this also includes park groups who need some coverage.

News4Trafford as many people knows likes being part of protests, if you have one planned or have one but need more exposure send in an info-graphic and we will publish.

We believe in free speach, we are different than the robotic media out there! so you will see some opinion mixed in, we hope you like this style of writing.

News4Trafford often needs more people to be involved, you will not have to come into a huge buiilding and get worried, you will if you want to write for us can do everything from your home, of course if you want to be a photographer you will likely be deployed to a scene or at a rugby or football game etc.

We welcome all those who want to better themselves, who want to gain experience and do a great job for our news service, we welcome disabled people and anyone on the spectrum to join in, those with mild mental health issues are also welcome to join in,

If you do want to be a writer and your english is not that great we will get you on a course free of charge and hopefully at a location to suit you.

Please contact us if you are interested in belonging to a fully established media service.


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