Here at News4Trafford welcome all types of feedback and when we do something wrong we will try to fix it.

  • Our crime reports come direct from GMP including photos unless stated.
  • From time to time some people will be offended with some things, or misunderstood an article about what it is saying, in this case we ask you to contact us on our social media channels via direct message.
  • We try hard for accuracy, in rare cases where we have not been so we apologies, we are very sorry for this and will amend where possible.
  • Articles are from official sources, when we get something from a member of the public we have to check it out, do not be upset if we do not use your content.
  • Some articles will have some opinion, it states this on our website that we sometimes do include opinion.
  • We care about all of Trafford, we do though tend to help Partington more for our own reasons, that said no place is neglected from our service.
  • We run this service in deficit, we get a small amount of money from adverts which is used to keep it running.
  • In missing person appeals we will keep pictures and articles up until we get a message from GMP or some other force or if there post on social media has vanished then we will delete our posts from social media and our website, we will try and tell you if the person has been found.
  • In the past images sourced via YouTube have now been taken down due to copyright infringement, these were the early days and for many years now have fully understood this law and have removed all images screen shot from YouTube and will apologise to the owner of that work, we are also of the understanding about fair use.

We do get many compliments and appreciate everyone of them, from time to time we will get our critics as every media outlet will get, even then we appreciate the time taken by these individuals and only makes us stronger.


Apologies and transparency:

Here we will publish any errors and apologies if we done something wrong,

At the start of this amazing experience we made some small mistakes, errors like using screen shots from YouTube or not giving the owner a credit happened from time to time, it was something that rarely happened, when we are pulled up about this its deleted immediately, actually we have looked hard for all screen shots and deleted them.

Google allow the use of its maps sometimes we cannot get to a location, we always give a credit, if for some reason we don’t then we put that right.

With the new theme a credit will be placed at the bottom of an article because having an image on the article means the viewer will see two of the same picture.

We also are clever enough to know about the laws, although it can be an ass and lets face it here in the UK our laws were made up when the T-Rex was roaming the earth, we though try hard to keep to the rules.

Our opinions are as valid as everyone else, although we try to keep that to a minimum.

So we have shown some transparency and offered our apologies and have done our best to delete screen shots and try hard not to use them on the website.

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