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Not long now for the next set of iPhones to be released and as ever speculation is going around that the names of these new iPhones will be iPhone 9 and 9s it is also going about that a cheaper iPhone is to be released.

With it being Apple, we expect the iPhone 9 if it is called that, will be slightly better than the 8 with a faster chipset and better camera, it has been said that the iPhone 9 will support a dual sim feature.

The cheaper iPhone we believe will be much like the iPhone 5c with a range of colours, since it is cheaper the display will probably be 720p and the camera will be 12 mega pixel.

We are not aware of the sizes of these new iPhone although reports suggest the iPhone 9 plus will be 6.1 inches which is damn big.

Apple will release the new iPhones and maybe other new technology in the second week of next month.

Sony Mobile: some suggestion the struggling arm of the huge Sony Corporation could end up being stopped all together after sales of all its new phones dropped like a stone, insiders commented that it could spell the end for the Xperia range.

The company actually makes some decent handsets that could compete with the likes of Samsung, it is stuck with a middle of the road tag and no one wants to buy into it, people want high end stuff and reliable.

They can get that in the latest Sony devices, it though just does not have that wow factor, and the biggest cause of Sony Mobile’s failure is down to marketing, if people do not know how can they buy something.

They need to ramp up the message, get whatever they are selling in peopl’s minds that there device is way better than the rest, until they do this Sony will slip away and will become another HTC.

5G: this new technology is being trialled at the moment and should see it being rolled out sometime next year, it though has already been questioned over safety fears, as 5G operates at a frequency where it has a short range, a mast would need to be on every other corner for it to work.

One mast engineer said that if a company decided to ramp up the power it could fry people inside and out whoever was standing near a base station.

The same individual seen on YouTube said a collegue went up to fix a mast and got to the bottom of the stairs after fixing the issue, he dropped dead, investigations concluded all his organs were cooked, he spent no more than 15 minutes fixing the mast.

What is more scary this mast was a 4G one that we see every day on our roads, of course at street level its a lesser dose of radiation.

Having all these 5G masts will cause some serious health concerns and it is one residents need to get on to their councillors and ask for them to be removed, of course the networks like EE and Vodafone will claim alll types of great things that you will find impressive.

%G speeds will be as fast as broadband! it will go through walls so your signal will be better, however having all these masts will surely put us all at risk.