On Our Radar

Here we will have updates on what we have reported and fixed in parts of Trafford where we see issues, your councillor should be doing all this for you, sadly they do not do anything other than take the money, we are using this to your advantage showing them up and who knows maybe getting them to do something for a change which is the desired outcome.

Partington: 21/05/2018 updated June 18

  • Electrical company doing the overhead lines have gone but left a partly demolished wall and fencing around Elm Close
  • Poop bin on cross Lane Park full and has normal rubbish and bottles around it on Cross Lane Park
  • Bin Bags dumped in woods near to Cross Lane Park on Chapel Lane
  • Poor road surface Manchester Road near SAICA (Reported)
  • Grass on Cross Lane Park needs cutting badly (resolved)
  • Play area on Cross Lane Park been part vandalised and is in a mess (partly cleaned)
  • Wood Lane where a bin had been blown apart is now a constant mess (new bin installed)
  • Huge potholes coming into Partington from country lanes needs urgent attention (reported)
  • Chapel Lane needs resurfacing as you pass the sports centre (reported)
  • Weeds becoming an issue again at the side of the Mobil/Car Wash on Warburton Lane (reported to parish council)
  • Overgrown grass in many areas of Partington needs fixing

Sale: 21/05/2018 Updated June 18

  • Bollard issue outside chemist on Eastway (Removed)
  • Leak outside 6 Homelands Road reported to UU (work completed)
  • Pavement issue at the corner of Meadway and Coppice Avenue (reported)
  • Grass needs cutting outside of Coppice Library and Wellbeing centre front and sides (resolved)
  • Issue with the Drive where motorists are consistently using the left hand turn that leads to the north bound side of the A56 Washway Road to turn right towards south bound traffic which is confusing everyone, motorists also using the small car park space to get on to the south bound side at high speeds
  • Messy part of Langdale Road where the one way signage begins this needs a good cleaning with road debris everywhere.(Fixed)

Broadheath: 26/05/2018 updated June 6th

  • Bad Surface around a grid outside Broadheath Primary School needs sorting out (Reported)
  • Woodcoat Road near the tip, mattress been on the side for months, have reported this several times will continue, starting to stink in that area
  • Craven Road needs an urgent resurface
  • keeping an eye on the new community centre and what they are doing with the cycle path

Stretford: 26/05/2018 updated June 6th

  • Weed issues causing problems on the tow path towards the A56/talbot Road JNC (Reported)
  • Keeping an eye on the Bridgewater Canal tow path, it seems a lot of undesirables are hanging out which makes the area up to and under the A56 feel unsafe
  • Cycle barriers installed on the Bridgewater Tow path at Stretford causing issues

More will follow and the results of our reporting will also be displayed, keep tuned in as this page will be updated on a regular basis.

If you have something you want us to deal with send us the information using our contact us link or via any of our social media channels.