New 2018/19 Manchester City home kit is released today

This season has not yet ended and already the big premier league clubs are starting to flog their new kits.

First was Liverpool and today May 9th Manchester City have released their new home kit for 2018/19 season.

The kit is sky blue as you would expect with a pattern going down both arms and has a button which some will and some will not like, for us the button does not need to be on the shirt.

An extra logo is printed on the bottom part of the left hand side sleeve.

This new kit will set you back £64.99 from Sports Direct, if you want the shorts this will cost you £30 which are all white with no pattern, all you get is the badge and Nike logo, you can buy the socks which are black for £15, so if you wanted a full adult kit this will cost just under £115.

For a child the shirt will cost £47.99 and the shorts £24.99 from Sports Direct, the price is the same from the Manchester City shop although for an adult you can buy an authentic shirt for £89.99 which to be honest looks nice.

Rivals and globally a much bigger club ‘Manchester United’ are expected to release the new kits in June and from what we have seen and if true will not go down well with many fans more so a pink away kit, we are told the third kit will make amends however this will not be released until the season kicks off in August.

New kits are becoming more expensive each year and with parents already squeezed we think it is rightly about time that the big clubs stopped fleecing the fans, without which they would have no football club.




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