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Welcome to our website.

We hope you enjoy our coverage, our service is voluntary, and our motivation is keeping you in the loop.

Over the years we have helped many people behind the scenes and we shall do the same for anyone who approaches us with a problem.

We hope you enjoy the website and if you would like to see something or if you have a story please contact us.

Advertisers please note on this platform we can only offer you a place on the website using info-graphics with a link behind it for our readers to click, WordPress themes only allow small changes, we can offer full coverage though on our social media channels if interested please contact us.

Note also: News4Trafford is UK based, we are not connected to any other service anywhere in the world, News4Trafford is copyright (2021) we welcome all to share out posts far and wide, we welcome our readers from all over the world and hope you enjoy our content.

Editor qualifications: NCTJ level 3, passed two exams and obtained certificates, and is a qualified photographer with over 6 years at Messenger Newspapers and a portfolio as big as a 9 storey housing complex, he is a qualified football coach and has good knowledge on 100m/200m sprinting, he is a qualified Reiki healer attuned level 2 and has lots of experience and certification in first aid.

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