About News4Trafford


Welcome to our website.

News4Trafford is a premium news service for Trafford that aims to bring you the news first.

We are News ‘4’  Trafford which means we can do articles from anywhere in the world that we think you would be interested in.

News4Trafford is currently not linked with any other website or news service.

The adverts are needed to keep this news service going, we are in deficit every year! we bring you the news because we love it, we love bringing it to you and often first.

All our likes and follows are organic we do not use applications to false the figures!

News4Trafford has several people working on it, it is hard work putting all this together and we appreciate the nice comments.

On some occasions we may get things wrong, our service is only from official sources, if it happens that that official source has the wrong information and we publish it thinking as we would that its accurate which would be normal this is not our fault.

News4Trafford covers all of Trafford and often the negative news will get the most views, we have done nice stories in the past and we got only a handful of views! we give you what you want!

We are always looking for new people so if you have the desire to be great and belong to a long term news website who will look after you please contact us, we welcome people who have mild mental health issues or disabilities, no one is left out here.

If you are interested contact us: newsdesk@news4trafford.com