Actress Barbara Windsor diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease

Actress Barbara Windsor who starred in many carry on films and had a big part in Eastenders has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

Her real name Barbara Ann Deeks was born on 6th August 1937 in London, her career started in 1950 at the age of just 13 she starred in a film called ‘The belles of st Trinians’ the actress though will always be best remembered for her role with the Carry On team.

Barbara also landed a big part in the BBC soap Eastenders as Peggy Mitchell, the actress starred in many films and stage.

Her husband spilled the beans today that Barbara had Alzheimer’s for a couple of years now, and has since retired from acting and other projects.

Alzheimer’s disease is a cruel condition which takes away a persons memory, proteins build up in the brain and eventually leaves the individual with dead nerve cells and a loss of brain tissue.

Current treatments help restore some of the chemicals in the brain that activate nerve cells however there is no cure for this cruel disease.

It is a progressive disease, so as time elapses the individual with the disease will get worse and will normally live up to ten years after diagnosis depending on age.


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