Man United new third shirt released today made with ocean plastics

Manchester United normally releases a third shirt which is generally for Champions League competition last, so this year they have decided to release it first which is not that surprising as it will be the best kit for next season.

From what we have seen the home kit looks dreadful and the away is a type of pink that we cannot see anyone buying.

This third shirt looks nice although another blank affair, does have a nice pattern to it and the colour is good, it is made from Parley Ocean Plastics, we are not sure if it is entirely made from ocean plastics however we think it is a good idea and more big named brands should follow.

Some would say though Adidas and Manchester United are fleecing the fans having a replica adult shirt at £65, it is £110 for the authentic shirt which has a different style bottom part and the badge is made from silicone.

Ocean plastic is free of course, they would clean the plastics through a machine which then breaks it all down and once done they end up like tiny pellets, it is then weaved mechanically into long strands and this is how the replica and authentic shirts are produced.

So Adidas are not buying the material used, surely this must mean it should be cheaper, not a chance, it is more expensive and the end-user, the fans are having to buy something that costs little to make huge profits for both Adidas and Manchester United.

We will continue to see price increases every season since we keep buying these t-shirts that cost little to make, it is for the fans of every club to stop and wait until the club reduces the price, and they will! it seems though many fans do not mind paying all that money for wearing a t-shirt.

Many United fans have already bought this third shirt and love it, and we also love it, just not at that price.

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