Big plans for Cross Lane Park in Partington

Work has already started on a much used park in Partington.


Cross Lane Park in Partington: Pic Darren Marsden

Friends of Cross Lane Park group have already cut down the hedges of the pitch and putt golf course and are using the chippings for a path in the wooded area which can be seen going in the park from Chapel Lane.

Work is also underway on the small bit of land near to the bowling hut on Chapel Lane.

If they want the pitch and putt to be brought back to life a fair bit of work will be needed on it, the park group are also looking for funding for golf course equipment.

Whilst we are very happy that the group have these plans,  we have to look at what the wider community wants, or Cross Lane Park will be given another useless thing that no one will use.

Looking at the wider picture for a moment keeping the gloss shining on the plans, not many people used the golf course even when it was playable, of course, something new and everyone and his dog will turn up for the first couple of weeks or maybe a month then it will almost become abandoned again.

It may also inspire more golfers to use there big swinging clubs on the football pitches smacking the ball for miles and at great velocity is incredibly dangerous.

We also have to look at the safety of people coming to and from the Chapel Lane entrance as now the hedges are no longer there, stray golf balls and the possible shouts of “Four” will be normal, it is hoped the plans also include some protection.

Partington shines bright in Trafford we know this! Trafford Council abandoned it many moons ago and everyone knows this! the people have woken and are now doing something about things themselves and they should all be incredibly proud of there achievements.

Lets get a running track on the park, having done some research we know this is very popular so long as it was fenced off like the one at Longford Park, money spent on this idea would enable everyone unfit to get fit, groups will be set up, the boxing club, football clubs will use the facility.

Exciting times ahead for the area despite all what is going to happen in the near future, people can only focus on the now, and it is now everyone is making a stand and getting what the area needs with or ‘more than likely’ without political support since we really do not need these people anymore.

People power at its best since you have more power to do what is right and so we congratulate the Friends of Cross Lane Park group with the efforts to change the park despite our concerns.

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