A whistleblower revealed on a YouTube video seen by News4Trafford that he believes 5G is the cause of the deaths around the world.


We managed to get a recording of this individual who claims he works for Vodafone, we cannot verify anything in the recording or if he did work for the network which we now has turned out to be false, it has since been claimed the man was not accurate in his words, however we will keep this up for people to listen out of interest.

One of the more interesting aspects of the recording was when the individual speaks about the worlds pandemics of the past, having done our research many of these pandemics did come after installation of radar and satellites, the same thing has happened again with Elon Musk’s Starlink satellites.

5G graphic via NY Times

We managed to get a graph (seen above) which without question shows you how dangerous 5G is, now remember we are talking about a full 5G roll out here, once the millimetre wave boxes and antennas are fitted the radiation goes up in a big way.

Many people in our country (UK) will go with what National media and the government are saying which is fair enough, we though ask you to open your mind a little, and just do some research and you will find what we are saying and have always said about 5G and what others are saying could be true.

Your councillors here in Trafford we have now found cannot do anything about the roll out since it is a government project, we have asked several to halt the roll out and on each occasion they have proven to us( with respect) how poor they understand this technology, this is obvious from the replies we have so far got from them.

Often people in authority and even the mobile networks will send you to ICNIRP (International Commission of Non-Ionising Radiation Protection) the guidelines was last updated in 1998, if councillors read fully the guidelines they will see a lot of dangerous things said when the frequencies go higher.

We have since heard that ICNIRP are to update the guidelines.

The trick is though at this time, the networks are rolling out 5G in two waves, the first is to upgrade existing masts and the second is to add the dangerous millimetre wave masts and antennas, we are aware though some antennas may have been installed in Urmston.

We know about mast upgrades in Trafford, in July this year two roads in Altrincham have been planned to close due to the installation of 5G, the southern part of Trafford have next to no 5G at this time and we really need people to get on board and to stop this roll out.

You can join Trafford residents against 5G on Facebook and share what you know, share your ideas and lets get cracking on with this with immediate effect, the north of the borough is sadly under a 5G blanket, we asked Manchester United to halt the 5G roll out around the ground, it is likely antennas and millimetre wave masts will have already been fitted.

We are going on a fact finding mission soon to locate any antennas and Millimetre wave boxes around the stadium and on the top of the stadium using a very sophisticated camera, and will be showing people where they all are in another article.

Elon Musk though will be shaking a little since his Starlink satellites have much to do with the problems we are seeing all around the world, these masts must be brought down with immediate effect, however we know they are being used by the US military! so I doubt they will be brought down anytime soon, the UK government have been very quiet about this!

These satellites we believe emit 60+GHz on to the earth and by June 42,000 of them will be in space! all using the same beamforming technology as 5G, so we will have it everywhere, coming from every angle, no one will escape it and many more people will die in what is a dreadful experiment that must be halted.

UK government know people are on to them, they had to do something to shut up the whistle lowers and those people who are looking even now into what is really going on, not ever listening to the fear stories of National Media, this in itself is proof of a cover up.

We have always said that it is for you to do your own research and we cannot verify if anything the individual in the recording is true but it is compelling.

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