The location where the mast was due to be installed: Google

Trafford Council has refused the 13th 5G mast making our campaign to stop 5G in the borough a huge success.

The ‘Three -UK’ mast was due to be installed at the junction of Moorside Road and Crofts Bank Road in Davyhulme was refused because it did not comply with planning rules and the objections by both councillors and the public.

5G has never been proven safe not even the firms that install masts can prove its safe or show us evidence of safety testing, insurance companies don’t want anything to do with 5G either from or own research.

We are all for technological advancements if its safe to do so and nothing has been shown to prove 5G is safe for humanity, animals and even bees!

The strobe like signals coming from 5G masts could cause a wild bird some navigational issues, we are already aware bees will have navigational issues, even aircraft that uses radar could be at risk according to a US pilots group.

If this is not enough to convince the sceptics look at what 5G will do once its all rolled out, we will see automated cars, who knows maybe public transport meaning thousands of job losses, humans in the near future will be thrown on the heap as artificial intelligence takes a hold.

We know about the drone swarm or the use of drones to do many things to help with protests and outdoor rock concerts, football and rugby games and other operations that will see more job losses.

The health issues that will come from 5G will be significant, the benefits after the roll out will cause problems on our roads and in society as automation takes hold, humans will still be here of course so what will happen when 6G is here? will the networks make you believe that 6G is even faster not that you ever download movies, when most people stream them.

We don’t need 5G at all and we hope that you will do your own research and learn about not just the health implications but the problems facing us after the roll out.

Please join the Facebook group ‘Trafford Residents against 5G’ for the very latest information on 5G and if any masts are to go up in your area, you can also ask questions if you need any information.