Six Premier League clubs have signed up to the European Super League which has shocked the football world.

Manchester United who won 3-1 against Burnley earlier on to come ever closer to neighbours Manchester City have signed up to the league which will net them a lot of money that will reach billions.

Arsenal, Chelsea, liverpool, and Spurs have also joined with other big European clubs to join this league that has been slated by just about everyone including UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

What this super league means is no one can get relegated, and no one else can join in, a runaway super league that will destroy football as we know it, at present the Champions League is a fair competition we have had for many years that rewards any team if they battle hard in the leagues they play in.

UEFA and the Premier League have come out fighting however no statement mattered, money and lots of it was all that mattered, the owners of these clubs have sold every fan out with this decision, we know they fleece the fans with replica kits this though is going well past that.

The Premier League rules clearly state that clubs can only join specific competitions and European Super League is not one of them which means all 6 clubs will face some serious action, the possibility of being kicked out of all remaining competitions is real, this would mean the PSG v Manchester City and Roma v Manchester United games could be ruled as void.

The FA cup tie with Chelsea and Leicester and the League Cup game Spurs v Manchester City is also under threat, the 6 clubs will also face legal action although with the money these clubs are getting any fine will be like chicken feed.

Fans have been betrayed, an after thought in the greedy eyes of the owners who only cares about how much they can make, this action could mean all 6 clubs could even be kicked out of the Premier League which would be chaos if it happened, we think clubs will be reduced points and fined.

UEFA will also take action which may include transfer limitations, and it has been spoken about players of the clubs will also be banned from playing for there country, they have also made some changes to the Champions League to deter the clubs from breaking away.