If you looked up to the sky at around 2.30pm this afternoon you may have seen the Avro Anson warplane.

The RAF warplane was used in the second world war in various roles before during and after second world war, it was first built in the 1930’s and it seems many were built at the time.

This aircraft took off for the first time in 1935 after trials proved it was better than its rivals like the De Havilland DH89.

Despite it’s success the Avro Anson did not make it as a combat aircraft so instead became a trainer aircraft.

Many people did spot the aircraft and took some amazing pictures which you can see on the Facebook group Barton City Airport Manchester Spotters.

City Airport Manchester (Barton Airport) has a growing number of aircraft spotters due to the number of military aircraft that lands at the airport which includes the Chinook and Puma helicopters and more.