So What Next For The Labour Party

Even before the needless EU referendum that has caused many issues, from an increase in hate crime to worries over the economy Labour have been in some kind of crisis.

They did well in the last local elections to be fair, it is not all doom and gloom, but do they have the strength to be a genuine opposition?

Now look at them, they couldn’t win an egg and spoon race at this time, with half of the leaders MPs showing no confidence in the leader Jeremy Corbyn.

The Tories are always saying “You do not have an alternative” to anything and you know what they are right, ask any Labour councillor what would you do about whatever and they will not have an answer.

To build a strong bridge you need strong foundations, stronger materials for it to last and weather the storms and sadly Labour have none of these things.

The UK needs to see a strong Labour party, with everyone in sync and happy with each other, with a plan that will change this country for the better, one that betters what the Tories have on offer which pretty much is to destroy everything.

Labour is for the working man and women, for the poorest in society it is for them reasons why we need this party to sort itself out and get back in to power again in the next general election which is only a few years away.

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