Trafford’s Fly Tipping Issues Are Now Clearer

Yet another day and another report of a huge fly tipping event comes in, included with reports of dog fouling and general rubbish,the situation is looking bad for Amey.

We know all about the problems, the twenty day wait before the company (on a long term contract with Trafford ) can clean up any rubbish on Trafford’s roads.

It takes to long, since twenty days is almost a month, how many more fly tipping events will be reported in that twenty days?

It all mounts up and for Amey who we have great respect for, must get it’s act together, it might be the fact that the apparent bad way staff are treated could be the reason behind the lack of motivation, but leaving anything for that amount of time is only going to lead to trouble.

we have images that show the extent of the problems, Old Trafford seems to be in some trouble with the most reports in such a small area.Screenshot 2016-07-10 at 2.25.00 PM

We will continue to keep people updated on the situation and report ourselves any fly tipping events to the council.

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