Noise Levels At The Rihanna Concert Got The Most Complaints

After and even during the Rihanna and Beyonce concerts at Emirates Old Trafford, residents were complaining up to eight miles away that they could hear the music.

We asked Trafford Council if they could give us specific noise level data, they declined to give us this information but gave us the statement below

Tony Bibi From Trafford said: “following feedback received after that event, LCCC and the event promoters agreed to review the noise controls and implement further measures to minimise the potential for excessive noise levels during the Beyoncé concert.

“Council officers also conducted additional noise monitoring within the Old Trafford and Firswood districts, where complaints had been most prevalent during the Rihanna concert.

“Although the concert was audible in these areas, the sound levels that were measured during the Beyoncé event were found to be acceptable and in compliance with national guidelines on concert noise control.

“Separate to this monitoring, Council officers worked alongside acoustic consultants, appointed by LCCC, to ensure compliance with the noise control requirements of LCCC’s Premises Licence that permits the staging of concert events at the venue.

“In particular, the sound levels monitored at the nearest sensitive properties around the venue did not exceed a Noise Limit set as part of these requirements.

“Clearly concerts at LCCC are popular with many people from all over the region and many local people who listened to the music outside the ground.

“Council officers work together with other agencies the event promoters and the Club  to ensure that each event is safe and successful whilst minimising undue impact on local residents and businesses.

“All feedback is reported and discussed at a de-brief meeting following every event, with a view to implementing improvements wherever possible.”


photo: Shirley Lewis

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