Action Group In South Trafford Formed To Oppose Plans For an Hale Eruv

The group called “South Trafford Against The Eruv” or STATE for short was set up to oppose plans that would see 6m poles planted in some parts of the south of Trafford.

The proposal by a small section of the jewish community led by Hale Rabbi Portnoy, will only see around 100 people benefiting from it.

The proposal area is around 12 miles and will be made up of 95 poles at 50 sites around the Hale and Altrincham and will be tied with nylon wires.

A spokesperson from the Hale Eruv Project Trust said: “Every week our Jewish community observes the Sabbath, the holy day of rest.

“Shabbat begins at nightfall on Friday and lasts until nightfall on Saturday, biblical Jewish Law prohibits carrying or transporting on the Sabbath day and that includes pushing children in pushchairs, picking up or carrying items and the use of wheelchairs.

“This kind of activity is only permitted within people’s private homes or a defined local area referred to as an eruv, so by establishing an eruv in an area it allows the Jewish community to observe Jewish Law and still be able to perform these actions outside of their homes.”

Some of the jewish community do not want this development to happen according to the action group, it would indeed raise some eyebrows and may cause some unrest.

It is now down to Trafford Council to decide if this development will take place, until the decision is made the action group will no doubt ratchet up things putting pressure on the council and political figures to decide against the proposals.



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