Mental Health and News4Trafford

News4trafford is designed to inform everyone of what is going on in Trafford and sometimes further out.

We care greatly about Trafford and our readers, more so the ones with mental health issues, Aspergers and so on.

One thing I know is media more often do not take on these people, but we will, those with conditions will never be ignored by us.

If you have a mental health condition or Aspergers or any form of disability, all you need to be able to do is write a story about yourself or your community,take a photo.

You will need to email us, remember we need your name and location, so if its Partington just the area will do, we don’t need any other details other than your age.

Most often people with mental health issues and those with disability’s are sometimes forgotten, and treated like something from another planet, we want to end this discrimination.

If you want to be part of this media giant please contact us newsdesk@news4trafford.com and we will look at every letter we get, and publish the best ones.

Together we will end discrimination forever.

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