The Grey Squirrel To be Eradicated In The UK Because Of A New Rule By The EU

The grey squirrel is to be wiped out in the UK because of the EU saying all species not native to the country is to be wiped out, as a reminder the UK is still a member of the EU until article 50 is revoked which will take around two years.

Grey squirrels were brought to the UK from North America, it sadly brought with it a virus that kills the native red squirrel.

Numbers of red squirrel have fallen to dangerous levels, whilst the grey squirrel has boomed in recent years.

Now the grey squirrel is on death row, and we think this is unfair since we all love and many have grown up with the squirrel, they are very friendly creatures and are harmless to humans.

Already we have witnessed zero squirrels in a local park in Sale where only three weeks ago they were seen every day, although we cannot say for sure why this is.

We will fight to keep the grey squirrel, and have contacted Trafford to see what they are intending to do.

More information can be found HERE


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