The Bridgewater canal stretches for miles, at 7.30am it is almost always quiet, but today Aug 5 it was no normal day.

John Hickson who has diabetes and his huge support made ripples in the water raising money for charity, pulling a long and very heavy barge which is thought to weigh around 10 tonnes.

We caught up with them at Sale, the group told us they started in Lymm at 7.30am and he had to stop several times due to his condition.

It was just before 5pm when they got to Sale, members of the group told us that they were so pleased with the response of all the people, telling us about cyclists whizzing past but then returning to put money in the bucket, even kids giving what they had.

news4trafford congratulates John and his group of the nicest people we have ever met and we wish him and his family, and friends well for the future.

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