UK Fracking Bribes

Theresa May not long has she been prime minister and already she is changing things around, one of the most controversial is paying individuals if they are affected by fracking.

Individuals affected could land a cool £1000 + and we mean plus, some individuals could get over £50k.

Many would call this nothing but a bribe, to shut people up and let the contractors do their job of extracting gas from deep below our feet.

Would many (not all) people take this offer? of course, they would, would they then feel bad since now they will have to put up with even more pollution, possible tremors, noise pollution, possible water contamination very likely, but they will still take the money!

This will have a knock-on effect with councillors, who many have been trying to stop fracking in the first place because there is not evidence to show its safe.

Trafford will soon be fracked, Davyhulme then south of Trafford the question is will you take the pot of gold on offer?

It is a bad way to conduct business, we think it is a bribe and we also want no fracking in Trafford because it is not safe in the short term and the long term.

More information on what fracking is HERE


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