Trafford’s Youth Form Into Gangs We Explore Why This Is Happening

This year we have seen gangs of youths on our streets attacking innocent people, robbing mobile phones and even a bike.

The same youths who cause trouble at Metrolink stations which not only is unsettling for passengers but very dangerous.

The Majority of our youth and kids in Trafford though are well behaved and come from a good upbringing and good schooling, we are simply talking about the gang issues and drug problems among some of our youth here in Trafford.

What is the cause of all this?  we can only put it down to the scrapping of the youth centres and cuts to other services.

Trafford Tories had to make ends meet with what little money the council has, in many ways, they have done a fairly good job but in others, it’s been a disaster, we would question the £4.5m to LCCC and other things where money could have been put to good use within Trafford.

Cutting the youth clubs was a step too far, did they not know that having these clubs not only kept the youth doing something with their time and hanging out in a safer place but had someone to talk to if they needed some guidance.

Because of this Trafford Tories have failed the youth here in Trafford and as a result, we are now seeing the backlash and it will only get worse.

Only yesterday Aug 18 we saw another or maybe the same gang attack someone in Hale and robbed a mobile phone.

There is a big problem with drugs with our youth, a couple of days ago we witnessed a group of about 5 guys all between 16-18 smoking skunk then passing it on to several kids no more than 11 or 12 who was seen smoking it.

Do they not know that cannabis or skunk tricks the brain, it is also has four times the tar of a normal cigarette, and your more likely to develop psychosis later down the line.

Without the youth centres, for someone to talk to about such issues what do our youth do? it is a question for those that cut the centres to answer.

We will offer the same advice as the police to everyone and that is to make sure nothing valuable is on show whilst your out and about, this way you’re not likely to be a target.

(image: Google Maps)


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