Himor submits its plans to Trafford Council and a decision will be made later this year, it is expected to be given the green light but with conditions.

We are completely against this project because it simply has not resolved people’s worries over transport issues, no concern over added pollution, no concern for Partington, not much done for cycling outside the complex.

Partington for decades have been the forgotten town in Trafford, it would have been better had Trafford given back the keys to Cheshire council.

In recent times Partington has had some investment, it took years to get the new shopping centre, and they still have not completed the project, Partington was promised a cycle track, better plantation etc.

The new Carrington village will be like a huge shadow over Partington, Trafford will forget them even more once completed, once phase one is completed should I say.

It will get worse, will buses terminate in Carrington? the new village seems more attractive than having to stop on one if not the most deprived roads in Trafford if not Manchester.

What about the pollution issue? SAICA, that new power station, what about that methane extraction company, you know the one, it shines up half of Trafford when it’s fully operational and looks like something the shuttle could launch off.

Then an entirely new village creating, even more, pollution with a billion more cars on the roads, never mind the congestion that will still happen no matter what they say!!! so Partington and people in Carrington will suffer big time.

The theory of a new village would have been better had they just extended Partington away from them smelly factories.

Since new industry arrived people in the area have been complaining about breathing issues, not to mention noise pollution.

If that was not enough something simple like mobile phone signals will be even worse, at the moment all networks are slowly pulling the plug on Partington, year after year the signal on all the networks become weaker, with a new village more masts will be needed, and it won’t happen, the networks could even direct existing masts towards Carrington.

Doctors will be a nightmare, oh sorry they are now! with only one doctor’s being built for 900 people in the new village, people will be forced to go into Partington screwing up services even more to the point of burnout.

This is why we feel a new village is not good, and no matter what the excuses, the utter rubbish to butter you up into thinking everything will be fine, this is bad for Partington.

We also would like to add that this article is purely from a Partington perspective, however, we also care about Carrington residents who have a good claim they also have been left to rot by Trafford Council, all Carrington residents please feel free to contact us with your stories and we will do something for you also please email us newsdesk@news4trafford.com

Have your say if you think this new village is good or bad for Partington HERE