Fly Tipping Is A Disgrace In Partington

It is without any question a serious problem here in Trafford and Amey are as ever way to slow to do anything, well it is more to do with manpower with Amey!

We check Partington more than its councillors and what a state the area is in, week after week it becomes worse, more fly tipping, more mess.

How do people live like this? do you just wait for the parish council or that disgrace of a housing association on Wood Lane? or Amey to pick up all the crap you leave behind?

The worst roads we saw was yet again on Oak Road, all the walks we went down we saw freezers dumped and in general a lot of rubbish hanging around.

Fridges are still on Moss Lane opposite Central RD that we reported over a month ago, Wood Lane shopping area had a bin full of crap at the top and a mess around it, with a million cigarette ends all scattered about, not a great advert for kids who do roam in this area!

We contacted the parish council a while back and was told that the housing has the responsibility for Rowan Walk and other walks around it, they do not have any responsibility for the walk beside the garage on Warburton Lane which has now a vegetation issue.

There is some hope in the area though with a small group of people doing litter picks, but is only for the park, we think this is truly outstanding, it shows pride well for the park, what about the rest of the rubbish?

What is the point in cleaning up this park leaving the road it is a bigger poop hole, it just does not make any sense to me, we do not blame the group for this but you can see my point here!

Can we blame the councillors? no, we cannot but do they know what is going on? without reports from the public? when was the last time they went down? how many times and where have they been? they represent you, they are paid a big amount to do so, do not let them off the hook! this is not to say they have done anything wrong here, Partington you need them.

So who do we blame for the mess? housing? parish council? Councillors? None of them, the blame is on the people that treat the area they live in like a dustbin! who else can be blamed?

Come on Partington, show Trafford what you are made off, not only the best area in Trafford but the cleanest, we will continue to monitor the situation.

Lastly, we wanted to make it very clear that we are not finger pointing at Partington, this would be unfair as we are very much Pro-Partington, we could have pulled out a number of areas much worse, we care about these also, but more so Partington.


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  1. The ‘people’ who have been litter picking for the park as you say have also been litter picking in surrounding areas of the park and also reporting issues regarding fly tipping. Where does the recognition go for these ‘people’ who have worked very hard to get the park AND surrounding areas tidy.?


    • Hi Sarah, thanks for your comments, we have given the small group a thumbs up on the article, your comments though cannot be accurate, we have been monitoring the area regular and on every Sunday we come down Oak RD from Wood Lane is a tip, from side to side, and the shopping area is a disgrace, the surrounding area up to Tulip Rd was filthy, they may well report incidents and may do the odd bit here and there once in a blue moon but we cannot give praise for that alone, we also do not blame them for what is going on, we want to see the Oak Rd area clean, the cleaner the area is the brighter it will feel, the despair, the desperation for something new, the depression will fade away, and people can be once again happy to live in what could be thee best area in Trafford.


  2. I see you keep commenting on the park……..
    Have you seen the so called park a single slide and some frames the gate has been padlocked shut the whole holidays


    • Hi Thomas, thanks for your feedback, we added them in context of the article since they want improvements to be made and worked hard to achieve it, we are not pointing fingers, I just hope people can see the point we made.


  3. Why is it always Partington being slammed in these articles. This does not mean i condone the fly tipping, but try writing an article on Stretford’s flytipping or should i say more precisley Gorse Hill! Not so much better are they! You call it media reporting? I call it an attempt to segregate Partington Town from Trafford even more! Residents and Groups are trying their best to improve the area and it’s reputation with no help from you! Before you start reporting on the issues of Partington, work on your punctuation issues before you attempt to use them to bad mouth an area people are trying their best to improve!!


    • It was not meant to be slating Partington the intentions was to make Amey, those councillors that go on five star swanky holidays on our money, and to some of those that use the area like a rubbish bin, news4traffotd wants Partington to clean up its act, lets have this wonderful area the best in Trafford, some are deluded into thinking its an up area, this annoys me because it is not an up area, its only an up area when at the very least its clean and it is not, if we can help get change then its a result, Gorse Hill is a poop hole so is Stretford but we care about Partington more, which is why we made this article, fully checked for errors as ever, although as ever the odd one slips the net, thanks for your message and hope you understand and support our message.


  4. Employ litter police like we have in Denbighshire, sack a couple of councillors and that will pay for their wages!


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