Home Swap Is Not The Solution

Back in the day when you could just put your name down for a flat at a housing association and wait your turn, and would be further helped based on your situation was the perfect solution for many people, it helped many people and was faster.

We now have a home swapper service, this can present many problems, we investigated why people wanted to move only because they had neighbour issues.

Only a few people wanted to move to be nearer a family member or just wanted to move.

The suggestion that it is possible that whilst you have a problem with a neighbour that someone else might not, does not wash with me and everyone else for that matter.

If you have a bad neighbour, he or she or maybe both will never change no matter who is new to the flat or house.

We think a couple of things are needed to solve the issues people face, one would be a change in the law and the other is to keep the old system and run home swap along side it.

A change in the law is most important, giving police more powers to end neighbour nuisance once and for all, for old and young, it is a fact that more and more of our older people are now becoming very anti-social.

Do you have bad neighbours? what do you think of home swap? and if you have swapped have you had problems after? we would love to hear from you.

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  1. yes I did a swap 2 years ago,im quite happy here and the girl I swapped with is still there happy.i was a 40 year old woman that was placed in a flat underneath a 19 year old girl and her boyfriend that liked having partys ,after many complaints to the housing I got nowhere and then had to suffer daily abuse from them for complaining about there noise.the girl I swapped with was of a similar age to the couple and liked that lifestyle.thank god for homeswapper or else id probably still be there getting abused every day and being confined to my flat.i now have a peacfull life no loud partys,i just do my garden and enjoy the peace.what I will say is I, found it unbelievable that they seemed to get away with it with the housing as they need so much proof to evict them and take them to court.the police just say contact your housing.


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