Apple showcased the new iPhone 7 and 7 plus which made all the speculation that has been going on for months seem insignificant.


The Californian company sold over one billion iPhones so far.

iPhone 7 has some neat features like text display when you are in messaging, but some would call that gimmicky.

Processing power has increased with a new chip called the A10 Fusion with a 64-bit architecture and a quad-core processor.

The camera is improved with the iPhone 7 with a better  12-megapixel lens which is now f1.8 which is going to let more light in when you’re in low light conditions.

On the iPhone 7 plus their will be two cameras, one a 28mm and the other a telephoto 68mm lens, how it works is, when you take a picture just above the shutter button on the screen, you will see a circle with +1 on it, press that and it will zoom in, once you get to +2 the digital processing steps in all the way to +10.

I think most people was expecting some VR software to be built into this new iPhone to take advantage of the two cameras, but it did not happen.

Both iPhones will be IP 67 water and dust resistant.

Other key improvements to the iPhone are the speakers, it now has stereo speakers with a speaker at the top and one at the bottom, the headphone jack has been removed and your headphones go into the lightening connector.

For all those that are unhappy about this change, apple has included a pair of headphones and an adapter so if you still want to use the headphones on another device with a 3.5mm jack you can do.

The screen sizes are the same, for the iPhone 7 it is 4.7″ and for the iPhone 7 plus it is 5.5″ and both have an improved retina HD display with a wider colour gamut and apple claim it will be 25% brighter than the iPhone 6s.

Apple has updated the GPU on both devices, all gamers will find this new iPhone something else with a 6 core GPU, which should be as good as anything out there on the market possibly even better than some gaming consoles.

Haptic feedback on the home button has improved and there are to be two new colours to the range, a jet black and black finish alongside, silver, gold, rose gold.

Interestingly Apple now has only three choices of memory starting with 32GB then 128GB and 256GB, the cost will be the same as the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.

Lastly Apple introduced the new wireless Air pods, these will probably retail for around £80 here in the UK, we was not impressed as all they have done is taken away the cord from a normal pair of Air pods and added a small chip called ‘W1’ how many of you find your ear pods fall out fairly soon after using them?


Overall the new iPhone with the new iOS 10 is nothing that special, sure the advanced cameras and GPU and a slightly quicker A10 chipset is something we did like, maybe the speakers are good, but no real improvements to call this a phone that Apple claim “Is the best iPhone ever”

iPhone 7 and the 7 plus will be available in the UK on Sept 17 and iOS 10 on Sept 13.