Miniture Railway Festival Walton Park In Sale

Walton Park in Sale was the best place to be today Sept 10 with the ‘Sale Area Model Engineering Society’ holding an open event in the park.

The weather was perfect and everyone came along to have what was a super day for all, the kids were treated to a huge mickey mouse bouncy castle and other bouncy castles.


Refreshments were on hand for those that got a little hungry and maybe thirsty with all the fun to be had.

The Miniature railway though was the main attraction, it was 30p to go on one of these trains, which in these times is very good value.

More events are planned by the society in Walton Park, not forgetting another open day tomorrow on Sept 11.

Directions to the park are as follows: Going southbound on A56 Washaway Rd continue until you see the Life Centre on Raglan Road, turn Left and go as far as you can this will be the car park in Walton Park.

Going Northbound go down the A56 Manchester Road, then it changes to Washaway Rd keep on the road until you see the Life Centre on your Right-hand side, turn down that road by the side and go as far as you can until you get to the park which can be seen as soon as you turn down Raglan Road.


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