Sugar Content In Fizzy Drinks Blamed For A Rise In Type Two Diabetes

Do you know how much sugar is in a bottle of pop? or a can of coke? we are helping make people to be more aware of what they are consuming.


A can of Coke has 34g of sugar, a can of Dr Pepper has 24g of sugar, but a can of fanta is 40g, 7up cans did not have any information on the cans but we also expect that to be very high.

A 500ml bottle of Pepsi has 56g of sugar and a bottle of Coke has 54g this is a massive amount of sugar to consume in probably a short period of time, we have no idea how much sugar is in a drink of coke from fast food chains like Mc Donalds but in one sitting your sugar consumption could be almost 90g which will raise your blood sugar levels to a dangerously high level.

Sugar is also blamed for the obesity crisis, you see what happens in your body is widely known, unused energy is stored as fat, sugar consumption is energy!

Some people will get diabetes type two because of the consumption of sugar, it also makes you more tired! yea so what is the point in an energy drink? well it gives you a short high, the caffeine content is what does the magic, the sugar is shockingly high this will make you more tired.

People love coke though, or energy drinks, but next time you ask for a coke or any fizzy drink where ever you may be, ask for a diet drink instead.

Diabetes is nothing to laugh at, type two is a life changer, you can beat it but takes hard work and determination, a change in lifestyle prevents diabetes.

When it becomes type 1 then your life is surrounded by the needle, without that insulin injection you will fall ill.

We have given you a link below that will go deeper and shows you drinks with sugar amounts on, and much more information including diet help.

Click HERE

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