Black Moon In The Western Hemisphere Will Be A Delight For All Photographers

Tonight if the sky is clear here in Manchester we will see the second full moon in a month also known as a black moon.


The lunar event will take place at midnight in UK and at different times around the world,  and for the next three days we will see more lunar activity and we will bring you photographs, you can also send in yours with your name and location to newsdesk@news4trafford.com.

A black moon is called that because it’s in a shadow of the sun, it  has been said we will see a corona around the moon tonight, but we shall have to wait and see.

With all things that we do not fully understand, you will get those from the conspiracy world coming from the deep chairs they hide in coming out with such nonsense as “This is the end of the world” I guess these people do try to make us all laugh, instead though energy should be directed towards the moon and take that picture that may well end up in the news.

All we can hope for is a clear night, and with Manchester’s weather being so unpredictable it will probably be bucketing it down.

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