US and Russia Must Stand Together And End This War In Aleppo

Day in day out I hear reports from Syria that more innocent people are dying in a war that is now become a three-way fight.

Screenshot 2016-10-04 at 5.07.28 PM.png

United States and Russia are finger-pointing when both powers could end this problem in the matter of seconds, this is not saying they are to blame, but are they at war for peace or at war for the ego bit? show of force? look at what we are and what we have?

Seconds that the innocent people including children and women who just want to get on with their lives have to pray for.

Assad should have been taken out fast, not killed but removed from power and brought before the courts so justice can take place, killing him would be the easy way out for this dictator.

The main guys in this the US and Russia are going about this in a very child like manner, you can see in Putin’s eyes that the man has lost his marbles, as for the US well they have shown restraint and they need to keep to this so somehow from somewhere an agreement can take place to stop the bombing, and stand shoulder to shoulder and just for once think about what they are doing!

I can not see this happening, and both super powers are on course for a showdown, but not in a military way, or nuclear, hey! Putin looks like he has lost his marbles but he will not want to see his own country evaporate! because that will be what happens and it is possible the US will survive any attack with this shield.

Most people including myself have no understanding of war, what it is like to go through the hardship, your life turned into rubble in a heart beat, no longer have you got the pleasure of going to your local park and feeding the squirrels etc, no longer can you go out on your now destroyed £2000 TT road bike, and anyway what roads will there be?

Food will be short, as will water so all the things that you once took for granted will be in short supply or nothing, the reality of war, and wars are all political, and anything political like this will always hit the most vulnerable in society.

We can only hope that this little girl and her family and other vulnerable people and innocent men can show strength to get through this, a war that they want ending, a war that we all want to end.


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