Dog Poisoning Continues In Trafford

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(UPDATE: Two more dogs have been reported as poisoned this time on selsey Ave playing fields, one resident told us that the vet has confirmed poisoning with the dog that died and the other dog who is thought to have eaten infected chicken is on life support today, we will keep everyone updated on this story, if you have any information regarding this serious issue or anything else in other parks please contact us.)

We have been monitoring the situation since we first heard about the dog poisoning issue in Bowdon where sadly a dog died.

Soon after reports came in to us about dogs becoming ill in several parks in the south of the borough, the latest of which was Beech Fields in Timperley.

Screenshot 2016-10-19 at 11.06.52 AM.png

News4trafford contacted Amey and Trafford about what they know, and have so far all we know is that they are aware of the situation.

Greater Manchester Police are asking people to contact them if you have a dog that has been ill after eating something from a park, they are saying they have had no reports and until someone does so, they can do nothing about it, they are also very concerned though and ask people to be vigilant when taking the dog for a walk.

One experienced dog handler we caught up with in Sale told us that although incidents have happened, it is important if your dog is one of them that could eat and eat all day long, to put a ‘muzzle’ on the dog, so it cannot eat anything and then it can roam around as normal rather than being on a lead.

The latest cases was on Beech Fields in Timperley where one dog had died and another pulled through, the owner had confirmation by the vet that the dog had been poisoned.




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