Local Partington Group Cleans Up Fly Tipping On Sinderland Lane

A local group from Partington calling themselves “Friends of Cross Lane Park” who do great work in looking after the park found themselves doing a clean up on Sinderland Lane.


The rubbish was firstly in a bin, that bin we think was stolen and the rubbish was just left hanging around, it built up and became a very big mess.

Chair of the group in Partington known as Mrs Fogarty said on Facebook: “This week I spoke to someone in Trafford street cleaning department who couldn’t believe that Trafford street cleaners would continuously drive past this site and not clean up the site.

“Well they have and even though it’s fly tipping you saying nothing gets done for 20 days?
Shame on Trafford Council for this.

“Out side the crematorium, anyone’s final stage on earth and for families to see this, its disgusting.

“My feelings are that Friends of Cross Lane Park Partington should Fine Trafford for not doing the street cleaning.”

Mrs Fogarty goes on to say “Well here’s the evidence and what we have done this morning let’s see how long it takes for you to pick the bags up now?”

Amey One Trafford have said that it does take up to twenty days once the job is reported, although it is a fact that if you contact your councillor, show him or her pictures, you will see the job done much quicker.


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