High Court Rules The Government Breached Air pollution Laws And Failed To Do Anything On Emissions

Today Nov 2 the UK government were in court over air pollution, the judge said it had broken air pollution laws  and failed to do anything on emissions from vehicles after ‘Client Earth’ group took them to court.


The government was knowingly relying on the wrong data to predict air quality.

UK has some of the worst pollution in Europe, in many city’s like Manchester thousands die prematurely due too air pollution, over 40,000 people a year nationally die as a result of air pollution.

The verdict today shamed the government, shamed them because they ignored the real data, and relied too much on rubbish council pollution monitors.

Trafford Council is one of the councils who do not act to tackle pollution matters, we have asked some councillors and its pushed to one side, they do not care one bit and yet they all have to breathe in this disgusting air.

It is now hoped that because the government was shamefully defeated today that councils up and down the land will start to tackle the issue, banning all diesel run cars, buses, vans etc from our roads, cleaning up engines, building better cycling infrastructure.


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