Animals And Bonfire Night

Bonfire night will be good fun for many people all over the UK tomorrow night Nov 5, but spare a thought for the animals and birds who may well be terrified by the deafening bangs and bright flashes.

Screenshot 2016-11-04 at 6.16.55 PM.png

Dogs can get traumatized, even sheep and horses are affected and sadly rabbits have been known to die from the shock.

To minimise the impact, all you need to do is keep your pets indoors from around 4pm onwards, if you have any rabbits and guinea pigs bring them in also.

Please check if you’re having your own bonfire that no hedgehogs or other wild animals have not made a home near the bonfire before you light it.

Animal Aid said:”For the sake of all animals – fireworks should be sold only to organisers of public events and not to individuals wishing to set them off in their gardens or in the street.

“A ban on sales to the general public would also prevent the terrible cruelties reported every year of vicious individuals deliberately harming animals with fireworks.”

(Image: Google Images)


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