Two Men Jailed For Blowing Up Cash Machines In Timperley And Partington

Two men have been jailed after blowing up two cash machines in Timperley and Partington last year.

Mark Marfleet below aged 37 from Sale was sentenced an Minshull Street Crown Court on Nov 4 he got eleven and a half years in prison after he was found guilty of robbery and conspiracy to cause an explosion likely to endanger life.


Paul Warmisham below aged 35 also from Sale was sentenced to eight and a half years in prison after being found guilty of conspiracy to cause an explosion likely to endanger life.


The first incident happened at Timperley Post Office on Stockport Road in the early hours of June 3 where police were called after reports of an explosion, residents told police that it was so powerful that it caused their properties to shake.

A woman and her 4-year-old son living in the flat above the post office had to be rescued through an upstairs window, after the explosion cause significant damage to their home and filled the property with smoke.

The damage to the ATM was estimated to be over £10,500 and the damage to the post office an estimated £30,500+ it is still not known how much cash was taken from the ATM.

The second incident happened in Partington on September 25 at the service station on Smithy Lane, the damage to the ATM they blew up was believed to be around the £5000 mark and the damage to the service station was in excess of £6000, they got away with £41,200 in cash from the ATM.

Destroyed cash machine 1.JPG

Further enquiries into both incidents established that Warmisham and Marfleet had been involved and that the method used to blow up the cash machines saw them filling them with gas before it was ignited.

Marfleet also subjected a shop worker to a terrifying ordeal at a convenience store he robbed on Old Hall Lane in Sale on Dec 24.



Detective Constable Matt Whittaker of GMP’s Serious and Organised Crime Group said: “Not only did Marfleet and Warmisham cause significant damage and financial loss for stakeholders but they also put the lives of local residents at serious risk.

“The fact that nobody was seriously hurt in either ATM incidents is nothing short of remarkable.

On top of those incidents Marfleet later subjected a poor man to an absolutely terrifying order and psychological torture after dousing him in petrol during a robbery

“He repeatedly threatened to set a man on fire and burn down the store if he did not follow his every order leading to the shop keeper understandably fearing for his life.

“I would like to pay tribute to him for the bravery he has shown throughout this investigation and I hope the sentence passed here today will give those affected by these two men some closure.”





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