Mist On The Bridgewater Canal In Sale Today Has Some Residents Concerned

On the Bridgewater Canal you are more likely to see ducks, swans and geese, but today Nov 14 there was a heck of a lot of mist and for miles.


You would think that mist would form on a very cold winters morning, but this mist continued through the day which got some people wanting to know what it was and how odd it was.

One resident told us that she has never seen it like this during the day, only a couple of times whilst she walked her dog in the morning has she seen canal mist and that was on a very cold winters morning, today the temperature got to thirteen degrees.

We looked into it further and found it is rare but normal, the mist is shallow and no more than ten metres in height, the cause of the mist today on the canal was because of temperature differences when the air is colder than the water.

Either way it looked amazing, we also noted where we was no birds could be seen in the water.


Categories: Weather

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