Cycling Becomes Safer In Trafford Next Year But Motorists Close Your Eyes!

Cycling in Trafford is set to become safer next year after plans drawn up by a local cycling group who meet at Trafford Council’s Talbot Road complex.


Those in the know will be aware of the Bridgewater Canal improvements and links to Altrincham cutting out the need for people to risk there lives on the polluted death trap A56.

We are told today Nov 17 that the Bridgewater Way TPT link at Broadheath is proving to be problematic where a farmer tenant is holding up the process, further talks are to take place with the farmer and the National Trust very soon.

Some good news though, the link from the Bridgewater Way to Seamons Road in broadheath is to go ahead without any issues as the land owner was happy with everything, Trafford are now in the legal process.

More Bridgewater way links are proposed and the link with Davenport Road is proving problematic with land owners Electricity North West taking their time, the proposal is to improve the existing route.

And in Altrincham a new bridge will be built where cyclists can go from the Bridgewater Way in safety, work is due to start early in the new year.

There is a proposal to upgrade an existing path from Ashton on Mersey to Urmston, but this is proving to be problematic as it crosses over two landowners and both it seems are not playing ball! this upgrade would help cyclists cut out the very dangerous A56 in Stretford.

More improvements are planned the biggest of course is in Stretford where three subways are to be closed and new cycle paths made which will see work on the A56 go on for months causing misery for south bound and north bound traffic, the work is due to start March 2017.



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