Protests On The A56 In Stretford About Proposals By The Council To End Funding For SCP’s

When the messages came through on social media that Trafford has agreed that they can no longer pay for school crossing patrols, there was a sense of deja vu.


A while back a group known as TRAC (Trafford Residents Against Cuts) was formed to tackle the austerity plans for the borough, the group did a couple of protests on the A56 to help save the lollypop men, and was a complete success, although in recent times the group have been silent and shown bad feelings towards local media including MEN, we shall not be covering this group ever again and suggest other media do the same.

It proved without doubts that people power is a winner, but the difference then was the amount of people involved, the banners, people beeping in cars, even police beeped in support, the latest protest drew about 10 people and two Labour councillors in Stretford.

Trafford Labour have been to many of these protests, without question Trafford’s residents must thank them for their attendance and support in what are difficult times, we have a statement though from the Trafford Lib Dems to offer some balance in a political way.

William Jones on behalf of the Trafford Liberal Democrats said: “With another £22m of targeted savings for the 2017/18 budget it is going to be difficult and almost impossible to do this as it’s now a case of Trafford council and other councils being forced by the government to shed responsibility for services.

“The proposals for school crossings in Trafford are worrying in that what happens if schools, whose budget are already under stress because of the government effectively freezing school budgets until 2020, can’t afford the money to fund the school crossing?
“Does it disappear leaving a potential safety hazard for children attending the school?  If the school does pay for it, it will take money out of the school budget that should be paying for the education of children not to prop up council services the council can no longer afford to maintain or take responsibility for anymore.
“This isn’t a done deal and urge parents and residents to make their feelings known in the consultation Trafford are conduction.
“The gap in the 2017/18 needs to be filled and it’s not all about cuts to services more innovate ways of increasing council income to bridge the funding gap need to be thought about.”
We believe that it’s fair to have more than just Labour have their say in what is a serious issue where the Trafford Tories have put the lives of children going to and from school at serious risk including the parents!
news4trafford are fully behind the protests and hope that it will increase in size making a bigger statement, a louder voice and ultimately with fingers crossed the decision can be reversed and the council leaves the crossing patrols alone and keeps the safety of kids and parents going to and from school a high priority.

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