Weather Presenter Dianne Oxberry Switches On Sale Moor’s Xmas Lights

BBC weather presenter and the presenter of inside out switched on the christmas lights in a very chilly Sale Moor last night on Nov 20.


Dianne also comes from the Sale area and can often be seen shopping in local shops and walking her dogs on Sale Water Park and other areas.

Hundreds turned up for the event that was only made possible by the generosity of the residents and shop owners in the area, the ‘we are sale moor’ group raised a staggering amount which enabled them to secure the lights and other things to make Sale Moor Sparkle.

Trafford Council could not afford the cost of lights and would rather spend it on useless things the borough does not need, for example LED lighting.


We salute all involved with raising the money needed to make Sale Moor sparkle, it was a great effort and shows other areas that people really do care about where they live.

And a big thank you to Dianne Oxberry for turning up in freezing conditions to switch on the lights, this made the night even more special.


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