River Mersey Water Levels Have Dropped But Flixton Road Is Still Shut

Yesterday Trafford saw a lot of rain although not very heavy, it still managed to make the rivers and canals rise in the borough.


(Picture from Facebook)

The Environment Agency issued a ‘Flood Alert’ at around 4pm yesterday and still in force today Nov 21.

Flixton Road or as many know it as the ‘Mile Road’ was badly flooded and police was forced to close down the road and this block is still in force tonight until Trafford Council and the Environment agency pump the flood water back into the Mersey.

As Flixton Road is a bus route, the 255 and 247 have been affected, Stagecoach Manchester who operate the 255 are saying on Twitter that they are laying on a 255 from Carrington to Stretford for Partington residents, we have yet to hear back from Arriva who operate the 247.

What was surprising was how fast the water had risen at Flixton, at its height the water was almost four metres, the record for that location was back in 2002 when river levels got to 4,92m.

If you are driving to and from Partington we suggest using Carrington Lane, this would also be the best way if you are going to and from Lymm.


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