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UPDATE: LED Lighting Is Already Being Dimmed According To One Trafford

We first heard the news from a councillor that the LED lighting was to be dimmed next year, we contacted Amey and they told us that dimming of these troublesome lights have already been happening.


Trafford are dimming the LED lighting to save money on electricity, this will come as a shock to many people already concerned about how dark it is around their home and on the roads.

The fact is LED lighting turned towards your home is intrusive, you will not sleep well and the council will get more complaints than it does now about the new lights.

However we agree to dim these lights for road users is just simply foolish and dangerous, we checked many roads in the Sale and Partington areas and found only a couple of roads were bright enough, ‘the avenue’ in Sale was fairly bright but very dark around property, where as Homelands Road in Sale was very dark, although lamp posts were further apart.

We had a resident complain about Alma Road in Sale, To many lamp posts were down that road, it is very narrow and only needs one set of lights on the side closest to the school, it does not need any on the houses side, this creates good lighting for road users but to intrusive in our opinion for residents.

Partington has serious issues with its LED lighting, we went around and found many black spots even on the roads! which is very unsafe for all road users, a councillor from Partington gave us a few lines about LED lighting, and shockingly told us that “All complains over LED lighting will be ignored” we have tried our level best to get hold of the Labour councillors but have ‘so far’  shamefully declined to answer our emails.

Most people will understand about the savings that need to be made but we can all agree dimming these new lights is a step to far, the council must listen to it’s residents concerns and given the investigation we have done.



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