Trafford Will Soon Have Advanced CCTV Cameras In Place By Early Next Year

Trafford Council have told us that a new super advanced CCTV system will be in place borough wide, which will replace the older ones,they expect installation to be completed by early next year.


The cameras will be able to do much more than the old ones,  zooming in without any distortion much further than the older cameras, 4K quality vision, excellent night-time vision that will make night-time look like daytime.

The big issue of course with any CCTV more so with this new 4K super advanced system is with ‘privacy concerns’ we asked the Trafford’s CCTV department and they said “Trafford Council CCTV staff have to follow rules and regulations and have to comply with human rights and data protection”

We asked Trafford about the cost of the new cameras but unable to tell me, it is thought the entire roll out will have cost thousands of pounds to install, which may anger some people since the council is supposed to be trying to save money..


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  1. If it cuts down the crime rate, and enables the police to catch lawbreakers quicker then it is well worth the expence to install them. But by the same token law-abiding citizens’ privacy must take priority with the siting of the cameras.


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