Lloyds Customers Are Being Warned About A Convincing Scam Letter

Lloyds customers are being warned over a very convincing scam letter being sent out by criminals trying to drain your bank account.


The letter has the logo and all the details of a real letter, and has a signature from a customer relations manager.

The letter informs the recipient of ‘unusual  transactions’ on their current account, and asks the customer to ring a special hotline to confirm transactions are genuine, once someone has got through, they here a pre-recorded message and are asked to give the account number, card number and the first and last digits of the security pin, they are also asked for DOB.

The report first published in the Daily Telegraph said the answering machine wants more details about you security code, and then puts you on hold, in this time your asked to complete a few more questions and then asks for your number to call you back.

Lloyd’s staff were amazed at how good this scam was, the scammers even timed the letters so they would be delivered on a Friday, which is crafty since it is the last day and gives the scammers the entire weekend to drain your account undetected.

Could this happen to other banks and building societies? very likely so we suggest to be very careful at what security information you give out and if in any doubts at all, go in to your local branch and ask! you can also report suspicious emails, texts and letters HERE


Categories: Crime, Phishing, Scam

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