2016 In Review And What Is Coming Up In 2017


2016 In Review

What a year it has been for ‘your’ news4trafford, we covered almost everything here in Trafford with a 7 days a week service, nothing came close to our coverage, even stories from other areas were added.


The borough saw some bad crashes this year sadly some fatalities came from them, the little girl who died near in her dads car was one of the most tragic, meeting the dead woman’s father as he was adding flowers at the junction of Park Road and A56 was heart breaking, the poor women was not even driving a car, just a normal day walking back from a job interview on a nice day and some barm pot goes and kills her.

Looking back at the figures, we saw a huge increase in burglaries this year, and personal robberies increased, more incidents happened in the Hale area than last year, Stretford last year saw a huge increase in crime, they was never out of police reports and local media, but this year we have not heard much from Stretford despite the odd crash here and there, and some burglaries.

Partington has been stable for many months, locals enjoying the calm, and the area getting back on its feet, with local park groups forming and Oak Road Park group raising money, and found a way to get Trafford to give them a park to be proud about, and in the spring of next year Oak Road park will be transformed, it was an amazing effort by the group which we covered.


Trafford has some of the worst pollution in Greater Manchester, with industry and a huge increase in-car ownership, this has left the borough smelling like a petrol station, we all know Trafford political figures do not do very much about this serious issue, and we call on them to do more to clean up the air.

Future Carrington project was announced and people invited to see what was going on, and consultations, well you and I know consultations is a false democracy since nine out of ten consultations are already decided, we feel the new Carrington village will cast a gigantic shadow over Partington, it will without question make Manchester Road look more like the M60 in rush hour, it will then have a knock on effect everywhere, the country lanes will be more busy and can see a complete standstill at peak times.

Sports in Trafford continue upwards and thrive, with a full and now a half marathon coming through the borough, and two of the best athletic clubs in the country in Trafford Athletic Club and Sale Harriers Manchester has added to a running success!

This year has been very busy for us, reporting mostly on crime, we attended as many crash scenes as possible, and we was fist to report on many stories and did not get involved with speculation.

Next year we can only hope that Trafford Council does not dim the dreadful LED lights, it is hoped that cycling infrastructure will be in place so people can cycle in to Altrincham and out of it safely, we hope that councillors and MP’s can get something done with our air, maybe even with the A56 banning diesel cars and lorry’s would be one way of cleaning it up.


We know in early 2017 seismic testing is due to take place somewhere in Cheshire, for fracking to take place INEOS needs to do some testing, we will update you on this as of when it happens and what it means to you.

Green belt land will be further reduced in the near future, with the environment not given a thought, rare birds and all wildlife will be affected, we do need more housing that is correct more so here in Trafford, but building on green land is unacceptable.

Lastly we like to thank everyone who is involved with news4trafford in one way or another for helping out, we support mancmade, Trafford Petanque and Trafford MV, we want to continue this with others in the area, to expand, we also would like news4trafford to be in print, we do not make much money so if anyone can fund us, or know a way around it so we can go into print please email us.

Thanks also to our readers, fans and although we continue to work hard for you over the christmas and new year period we wish all of you a very happy christmas and a happy new year.


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