INEOS To Start Seismic Testing In Cheshire Next Year

INEOS have told us that they are to start seismic testing in sometime next year.


Locations are unknown at this time but it will cover all of Altrincham and a big Part of Timperley in Trafford and a gigantic part of Cheshire.

Seismic testing is needed so the company in charge can test where the best place is to drill for shale gas.

They send sound waves into the ground and these then reflect back revealing rock formations beneath, this process extends over major roads and for miles around, a mass of cables will be used and a gigantic “Thumper” truck is also used at an unknown location to create vibrations in certain areas, even explosives can be used!

Fracking is highly dangerous and is bad for the environment, it is known to cause earthquakes, it “will” make our air even worse than it is now, and it is thought that drinking water will be affected once fracking or CBM (Coal Bed Methane) extraction is operational

It does not end at that, the waist from the operation is radioactive! and needs to be removed on our roads very likely the A56, it is believed that United Utilities waste treatment centre in Urmston will be in charge of that operation when it happens although we cannot confirm this.

We will keep everyone updated on the exact dates and where testing is due to take place, either way expect some funny things going on underneath your feet very soon, we also welcome INEOS plans to be up front about it to ease any fears or doubts about the fracking process.

You can read more about seismic testing HERE


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