Your Housing Group Calls Time On Funding For Pull Cords Putting The Security Of Many Vulnerable People At Risk

Your Housing Group are to end funding for emergency pull cords and other security for all its elderly and vulnerable tenants.

Screenshot 2016-11-05 at 11.56.22 AM.png

Your Housing Group HQ Warrington

This will put at risk all elderly and vulnerable people, and those that we have spoken with in Partington are shocked with the housing group, since they have always had this little bit of security.

The housing group sent out a letter to those with the pull cords in Partington, telling them they need to fill in a form, but filling in this form is a trick in itself, since you have to agree to one of the payment options, the cheapest is £2.45 a week.

The information is poor in the letter, it only goes on to say that they cannot afford the provision as they had been paying, even after a fund called “Trafford County Council Supporting People Fund” ended years ago.

We can reveal that this housing group have been making huge sums of money with a turnover of £195 m 2016 and increase of 19.7m a year before, you can see the results HERE with operating profit at an all time high, and after many years of paying too keep their elderly secure and feel safe in the home, we cannot understand why they cannot continue to pay this.

If you are a tenant though it is important to fill in this form so you can still continue to have the pull cord and pendant for free until April 1, we would also want you to tell your councillors or MP Kate Green about the unfair change which you can do by clicking HERE


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