Weather Warning Issued For North West England

A weather warning was issued for North West England from Wednesday, here in Trafford we will experience gusty winds and some light falls of snow from time to time.


The snow showers will fall mostly on high ground as the low pressure system continues to develop over the UK, wind speeds are expected to gust over 50mph on Wednesday.

You will need your wet weather gear for this week, and make sure you are wrapped up as it will get colder, with a biting wind it will hit you hard if you do not wear the right equipment.

For wet weather with prolonged spells of rain we suggest buying a Gore-Tex jacket, there are many brands on the market with this material, Berghaus, North Face, Sprayway and so on.

Because Gore-Tex is very thin it will not protect you in colder weather, so you will need to buy a padded Gore-Tex jacket, you can get one with “Primaloft” which is a lightweight padding that offers warmth far better than anything else on the market, a down jacket is also very warm, trouble with them jackets is the weight and all down jackets will release the feathers at some point.

You could go for cheaper jackets of course, but you will find the jacket will struggle in moderate rain and after a while it will start to saturate and then its had its day! you will be soaked, when your soaked you will get colder, your body temperature will drop and it is possible depending how cold it is and how far you are from any warmth, you could get hypothermia.

It is important to get the right equipment more so if you’re an outdoors type, it pays to get a good well-known brand rather than get a cheaper jacket with no name from a shop that knows nothing about waterproofing!

If you are on a budget or just looking for a Gore-Tex jacket check out M and M direct HERE choose technical jackets, they are all original items.


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