No Increase In Reported Crime In Partington But Its Good News For Old Trafford!

The latest reported crime figures are out and we can reveal that Partington from Jan to Nov last year experienced 825 crimes most of which were for anti social behaviour, where as in the same period of time in 2015 the figure was 826.

Screenshot 2016-05-23 at 12.24.43 PM

It must come as good news for the area which has been blighted by all types of crime for years, and with these figures it is proof that Partington despite its on-going problems is looking much better.

We did not calculate December 2016 as their was no data for that month shown.

The biggest fall in crime was in Old Trafford where in 2016 from Jan to Nov reported crime was 960, and in the same period in 2015 the figures were 1,037 a drop of 77.

Other areas in Trafford like Sale could not be calculated since it is a gigantic area and is made up of many wards, you can though check your part of town by clicking HERE

Whilst the past few months more so in the Sale area has seen a higher rise in criminality more so with theft of cars and bikes, in other areas it seems that although still high the crime figures are dropping.

If you see or hear anything suspicious remember to ring police 101 number or in an emergency 999.


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